Insect Protection

Mosquito protection against Dengue fever

It is world-wide the most frequent virus infection transferred by mosquitoes. Above all holiday-makers in Southeast Asia and Latin America are increasingly endangered, as the Robert Koch Institute warns


In tropical and subtropical countries traveler an infection threatens with Dengue fever. The illness is world-wide on the advance

After a journey for instance to Thailand or India get sick to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) in Berlin according to ever more humans also in Germany at the fever. The exciter occurs in more than 100 tropical and subtropical countries.

Between 2001 and 2006 Institut registered on the average approximately 140 illnesses of holiday-makers, who returned to Germany. From 2004 to 2006 the number rose in 170 announced cases per year, communicated the RKI in its epidemiological bulletin. This trend seems to stop also 2007.

More infections than with hepatitis A
Apart from the malaria, which will predominantly transfer von Mücken into Africa, Dengue fever belongs in Germany in the meantime to the most frequent fever illnesses after a remote journey, continued to communicate the RKI. Come more traveler with Dengue fever from Asia (1 to three per cent) or South America (0.6 per cent) back as with the liver inflammation hepatitis A. Todesfälle after infections abroad were so far however not registered.  Dengue fever is since 2001 compulsorily notifiable.

Effective prevention: Protection from mosquito passes
Dengue fever is transferred over viruses by the all day active tiger mosquitoes. There is not a vaccine. The RKI guesses/advises therefore with remote journeys to a sufficient mosquito protection.

Symptoms and treatment
The virus can release among other things strong head and pains of the joints as well as skin excursion, bleedings and cycle failure apart from sudden high fever. Most German tourists got sick according to RKI statistics after a journey to Thailand, India, Brazil, on the Philippines, to Sri Lanka or Indonesia. Some cases were announced also after one vacation in Central America. 2007 got sick to tourists so far superproportionally frequently on the Philippines and in the Dominican republic.

A special therapy against Dengue fever, which arises to three to twelve days after an infection, does not give it. In easy cases bed peace and Paracetamol tablets help, are called it in the bulletin. With heavy cases a hospital is recommended. There are very heavy, partially deadly process forms according to RKI particularly with a renewed infection with the virus in Southeast Asia. They arise usually with children and young people.

/dpa/GesundheitPro pours; 10.07.2007

International blood cocktail…

We all “love” Thailand… or others perhaps even its inhabitant (!?) At least we selected it for us as our domicile and to do everything, in order to remain here. But we actually do EVERYTHING? Here we treat a hardly considered factor, which endangers our Hiersein…
We live Southeast Asia “Holiday destination No. 1” in the midst of that. One of the centers of the tourism. It would not like that be, if not actually at any time EACH nationality traveled here. Still another parking lot at the airport Phuket is hardly free.
EVERYONE however whether holiday-makers or “Residentler”, sometime once stung by a mosquito. If of mosquito swarming does not even besiege and “supplied”! It hardly requires an explanation, which actually happens there. We all regularly injected of these monsters, to which a selection of nationalities is at the disposal, which is otherwise nearly unerrreicht. And we are daily in the middle among them. Under the same nationalities and the same mosquitoes! Evenly still south Africa cocktail, to it Finland, then Taiwan, and weil's tastes, equivalent still Malaysia, the Philippines, Afghanistan and India so sweet afterwards… (Everything to specify would be eh' too much)… As Dessert now however times Germanic saft! And already it could have happened! Many however get accustomed to all the expressions such as Dengue, malaria, and even Ebola - until it gets one. Which sort however did we catch ourselves then? What is the suitable remedy? Which hospital white over all modifications of these fiesen diseases and their treatment answer?

Who ever had “only” Dengue fever, a song of it knows to sing. At least one week fever, vibration frost, joint pain, vomiting and hospitalization. Everyone should meet in time effective and präventative counter measures! Not only against mosquitoes, but against cold-blooded parasites of any kind! Today it is possible and completely simply feasible. It is at us to rethink and go through!

About what are we meanwhile threatened? Of a creeping epidemic! By a dangerous mosquito mutation of still unknown extent, a mutation, which prepares also concern for the local government authorities. Thundering one, motorized spraying cannons by the roads are already carried. The environment is covered radically with a cloud stinking after Diesel, in order to order to the mosquitoes stop and avoid further Dengue fever victims.

Here in Asia this Viecher is tiny small and often not times audible. As soon as they achieved your work, they are however noticeable! Everyone probably once the expression came over the lips: “One should exterminate mosquitoes”. Others ask: Isn't each organism a right to Unversehrheit? We differentiate however between hygiene parasits, nuisances, food pests and material parasits. Hardly one of these insects is liked by humans, is rather disgust-exciting all. Hygiene parasits are above all the blood Auger.

Parasits, which add humans pain by passes, bites etc. Health and hygiene parasits are particularly not to be underestimated in their danger, because them by different contacts pathogens to humans and animal transfer, or whose eliminations (as e.g. with scraping) with humans allergies can cause.

The latter group is it, which I address here: The hygiene parasits! The blood Auger, which in-pump however only once a blood solvent - enriched with dangerous viruses - to us, before the suction process takes place.

Each organism is a right to Unversehrheit!? In agreement. But it concerns The World's Biggest killer here parasites - to “!” Parasites, which become ever more dangerous for humans and animal. We stand in the responsibility - not only for our own health, but completely particularly also for the health of our children.
And: We can contribute somewhat to it - harmless, in an environmentally friendly manner and effectively:

Certification number N-58216 - that is TYRAX! One against all - without propulsion gas! Biologically completely degradably! A German Swiss quality product, manufactured in Germany on purely natural and biological basis - WITHOUT any DEET or other chemicals, which ends in the food chain and which are contained in many locally available cheap products still!